Police remind public on security during festive season


THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force issues a stern warning to the public, particularly in Honiara, urging them to be vigilant and prioritize the security of their valuable items.

Thieves and burglars tend to exploit the festive season, making it crucial for residents to take preventive measures.

Police said as always, an experience during festive seasons, the unfortunate trend of home robberies and break-ins becomes an all-too-common experience for residents in Honiara. In response to this, the police are reminding the public of practical steps they can take to safeguard their belongings.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force assures the community that they will be actively working over the Christmas period to ensure the safety of individuals and their families.

However, they emphasize the importance of collaboration from the public to enhance overall security and residents are encouraged to always keep valuable items in inside pockets of clothing or bags and be mindful of their surrounding while out shopping.

Police also warned vehicle owners not to leave their bags of valuable items in their vehicle while out shopping and always lock vehicles properly.


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