Police here to protect you: Varley


POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley reassures the people that police are there to protect the citizens of this country including women and girls.

Commissioner Varley said International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world to advance on gender equality and the Royal Solomon Island Police Force is proud to be part of the match yesterday.

He said RSIPF is committed to gender equality and of course the progress of women throughout the organisation not only for women’s achievement themselves but the organisation wants the Force to represent the community they serve.

And so the Police Force is the reflection of the community in Solomon Islands, Mr Varley said.

“We work very hard on the recruitment we work very hard on making sure our officers are available to meet and work with women in the community on issues affecting women and girls,” Varley said.

He said violence against women and girls is a significant problem and far too high in Solomon Islands and not only women but also men to take a leading role to end such activities happening in the community.

Varley said it is sad to see that cases of family and gender based violence in Solomon Islands are still high and police are too often called to cases where women and girls have been injured or harmed by men.

“And as you have heard me said this before really this has to stop.

“So our message today from the RSIPF your police are there to protect and serve the community and in particular we are here to protect women and girls across Solomon Islands and we are committed to doing that and we are committed to making sure we can do our part as best we can to make women and girls safe in our country,” Varley said..

He also urges the people of Solomon Islands that police alone cannot do that but needs all people across Solomon Islands to get behind them and work together with them to end violence.

“We need strong men to stand up and say enough is enough,” Varley said.

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