Police pay review resumes

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THE Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Service Karen Galokale has revealed that work on re-levelling of remuneration of officers under the ministry has recommenced for the first quarter of this year.

She made this statement before the Public Accounts Committee last week.

She said they have started the review and are planning to implement it last year, but due to COVID and the Ministry being involved in the operation supporting the Ministry of Health, the review did not eventuate.

“But we’ve recommencing again in this first quarter, in terms of funding it will be a challenge but we want to at least have a complete submission on the new levels for police officers”, Ms Galokale said.

PS Galokale said the review will improve the current levels of police officers, meaning the package for renumeration will be improved.

Galokale also acknowledged the Health workers for raising their issue last year and thus her Ministry has taken on board in their review on the renumeration of the Police officers and the CSSI officers.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga also said during the PAC that is important for the government to pay officers well.

“We have come through terrible experiences when we are not paying the two agencies well”, Wale added.