Police mediate suspected sorcery case in Central province

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POLICE in Tulagi Central province (CP) successfully mediated a suspected sorcery case at Belaga Village, North East Small Gela on August 12, 2018.

Operation Manager at the Tulagi Police Station Inspector John Sara says, “It is alleged that the family of a 51-year-old man from Belaga Village claimed that the man died of black magic.

“The matter between the parties was tense hence it needed to be promptly addressed to avoid any escalation.

“The mediation ended peaceful with the assistance of three Melanesian Brothers, the Crime Prevention Committee members, village chiefs, elders and the Section Elder Brother of the Church of Melanesia household in Koloti.

“Police in Tulagi want to thank all those involved in the mediation including the immediate relatives of the deceased for assisting the police in the process of resolving the matter.”

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Central province, Superintendent Patricia Leta says, “I am proud of the initiatives taken by all these leaders who are always available to settle matters peacefully regardless of their nature. This is the right direction to prevent crime in our communities.

“I appeal to all the good people of Central province to continue supporting police in fighting against crime in our Province.”