Police investigate suicide in Renbel

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at Tigoa in the Renbel Province are investigating the discovery of the body of a 19-year-old male who reportedly hanged himself in his room at his uncle’s residence on May 5, 2021.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says, “The deceased lived with his uncle and his uncle told him that he will be leaving to next village to complete his canoe work and will return the next day (May 6, 2021).

“About 5pm on May 6 his uncle returned home, he saw the deceased room locked from inside. He called for him but no sign of movement. 

“His uncle called several times but still no sign of response from inside the deceased room so he went into the next room and peeped through a hole on the walling and found the deceased hanging.

“He ran to the door and kicked open the door and saw the deceased hanging. He took his knife cut down the rope and found that the deceased already stiff.

“He shouted for help and people in the village who were gathered to played football ran and assisted him. They took the body of the deceased to his parent’s house where they mourned over his body.

“My condolences to the relative of the deceased for the loss of their dear son.”

Police at Tigoa appeal to the people living in and around the area to come forward with any information that may assist with the investigation in this sad incident.

“I want to urge youth in the Renbel Province to approach their parents, close relatives or their best friend if they have issues that are bothering them.

“I also encourage parents and relatives to look out for signs that might indicate their children are having any problems and to find time to sit down and talk with them,” says Mangau.