Police intelligence with no evidence


Police intelligence are still without any evidence to the missing $300,000 exhibit money under its care.

Assistant Commissioner Crime and Intel Patricia Leta says the case file is still with the Professional Standard Internal Investigation.

She also dismissed media reports that a foreign advisor was involved.

“Investigation on such matters is not easy as the public might think.

“Police are trying their best to investigate such matter but if there is not enough evidence the matter will not progress forward.

“Investigators must be satisfied with the evidence they have before the case file can be forwarded to the Office of the Director Public Prosecution for viewing and advice on charges.

“Even if the alleged offending occurred inside the RSIPF, once there is no evidence we cannot take the case to the court, so we are still looking for evidence,” Leta said.

When asked why Police suspended one of its officers while there is still no evidence regarding the allegation, Leta said it is a normal procedure that whenever an officer is implicated, the officer has to be suspended while investigation is underway.

This is regarding the missing $300,000 cash exhibit money that went missing while under the custody of Police; the money recovered from the Director One-link Pacifica during police investigations early last year.

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