Kira Kira Ramp to be launched on Makira Day

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The Kira Kira Ramp will be officially launched on Makira Ulawa Province’s Second Appointed Day on August 5.

The Makira Day, as it is commonly known, falls annually on August 3, but this year, it is being moved to August 5 to enable the Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare to launch the Kira Kira Ramp.

But the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Honiara will confirm at a later date whether or not Mr Sogavare will launch the Kira Kira Ramp, or his Deputy, Manasseh Maelanga.

Meanwhile, the wife of the Construction Manager of Trades Transformation Company Limited, Aillsha Saru who spoke on her husband’s behalf July 5, 2021 said work on the Kira Kira Ramp has been completed and is ready for launching.

She said TTC will finish building wave-breakers on the seafront next to the ramp this week, adding maintenance work on the roads at the eastern and western outskirts of Kira Kira, the Provincial Capital has also been completed.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a has described the completion of the Kira Kira Ramp as great news indeed.

He then expressed deep gratitude to the Australian Government through the National Government, “my Executive as well as the landowners and TTC, the contractor, for the concerted effort, which has resulted in the milestone achievement”.

In other news, the Provincial Planning Office says it is planning to include the official opening of Karie Clinic by the Prime Minister. 

By George Atkin

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