Police constables told to reflect on oath


POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley has told newly graduated police officers to always bear in mind their oath to the office and maintain the high standards of the RSIPF.

Mr Varley said it is another milestone for the RSIPF to witness the graduation of the 70 recruits into the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Out of the 70 graduating recruits, 14 are females and 56 males.

He said it is a fitting tribute to witness the recruits taking their oath of allegiance and graduating as they prepare themselves for duties as police officers.

“You will take your Oath of Office before me today. This empowers you as police constables, giving you the powers to perform police duties according to the law of the Solomon Islands.

“Today you graduate and become part of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

“Always wear your uniform with pride at all times.

“I remind you that there will be times when your integrity will be challenged, when wantok culture will make it difficult for you,” Varley told the graduate yesterday.

The RSIPF is now emerging as a more professional organisation that is placing a strong emphasis on employing well educated people and providing them with continued learning opportunities, Varley said.

“Therefore you are expected to deliver your duties with responsibility, impartiality, and diligence. To do otherwise undermines you personally, and your position as a Police Officer.

“I trust that you will build on your experiences at the Academy and quickly progress to become effective Police Officers not only in Honiara but also in the provinces.”

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