PNG/SI Community farewells young Xavier.

By Lynnissha Runa

The Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Association has offered a small donation as they farewelled three-year-old Xavier Bele who left the country yesterday for special medical treatment in the Philippines.

Young Xavier was diagnosed with leukemia on 21 June this year.

Xavier who is from Guadalcanal part Gilbertese smiled at the donation that was made at the Children’s ward last week, before he left for his medical trip to Manila yesterday.

Jorddy Tununto, Vice President of the PNG/SI Association said they have helped Xavier in a little way to show how much they care, which is the most valuable thing they can do.

“We came today not because we want to visit Xavier, but on behalf of the Association we want to show our support and love to this to very special child.

“We are not a money-making body, two thousand dollars is just a small amount of money, but for sure it comes from our heart. We give it as portion of our involvement towards Xavier’s life,” Mr Tunnto said. 

PNG/SI Community members chatting with Xavier

Xavier’s mother, Samantha Bele, said Xavier is a very animated healthy kid, he had never been very sick before, except from the common flu,” Mrs Bele said.

“We were never admitted to the Hospital, however early May this year Xavier’s Health was changing, he remains with high fever, hours after few hours, joints pain every day and off course bleeding gums.

“We went for several check-ups, until June we find out with the doctor’s result that he is positive with blood cancer, Acute Lukemia”.

She said, doctors have told her and Xavier’s father (Francis bele) that Xavier has a high chance of recovering from this cancer if Chemotherapy treatment started as soon as possible, because the Cancer in his body was spreading faster by the day.

However, his body is resisting the Chemotherapy and so will need Bone Marrow Transfusion for his treatment which can only be done overseas and is a costly process.” She said.

Mrs Bele said since then, they have started doing fundraising to raise money for the cause.

All the money raised goes to Xavier’s family to help alleviate his medical cost.

she acknowledged each and everyone’s support towards their son.

“Francis Bele (Xaviers dad) and I, we want to thank the PNG/SI Community, One More Shots team, the Zumba Group, our families, relatives and friends for their donations and assistance on medical back up to our son Xavier.

“And also big thanks to the Phillipino Community here in Honiara for their support at the very beginning. They are the first people to initiate fundraising for Xavier, and our heart goes out to them”.

After four months of being admitted at the Hospital, Xavier was discharged from the Children’s ward on Friday last week.

And he travelled yesterday, together with his parents to, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and all the way to Manila in Philippines for three years of treatment and Medical Transfusion.

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