Suidani call for youths to be strengthened as leaders



PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani has called on Malaitans to strengthen youths to realize their potential leadership roles within the society.

He made the call during celebrations marking International Youth Day with the theme: “Intergenerational solidarity; creating a world for all ages.”

Speaking during celebrations in Auki over the weekend, Mr Suidani said 70 percent of the population on Malaita province is made up of youths.

“And it’s very important to address them meaningfully. We must address them by engaging them in initiatives that we and they will realize their importance,” he said.

Guests who attended the International Youth Day celebrations in Auki.

Suidani said youths are the most productive age group in any society and most often people rely on their strength to do things.

“This is true. And we must also understand that they do not only have the strengthen, they also have the capacity to take up leadership and we must give them the opportunity.

“Also, they are the foundation of any society, and if handled carelessly they can drive the society towards any unexpected error” he said.

Suidani said the MARA government through its Youth Desk and Malaita Provincial Youth Council (MPYC) are committed through a number of programmes that youths were supported in the province.

Youths attending the event on Saturday.

He also said the establishment of MPYC formed a platform to unite youths on Malaita and work together towards common goals for the good of the province.

Suidani urged youths of Malaita province to stand-up boldly to serve the children, women and people of the province.

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