PM Sogavare joins Premier Veo to pay homage to landowners of Munda


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has joined Premier of Western Province to pay tribute to the landowners of Munda to allow their land to host key infrastructures such as the airport facilities.

In his official address during the handover of Munda international, domestic terminal building and runway overlay project yesterday, Premier Veo expressed sincere gratitude to the forefathers and the original landowners who have decided to set aside Munda/Lambete station land for development purposes.

Premier Veo highlighted that from a development standpoint, Western Province is very fortunate because around 30 percent of its entire land mass in made up of alienated land.

Veo said for this reason, it paved the way for less complex development pathways.

“I therefore, would like to pay homage to our forefathers for their wisdom and foresight to which end, we are now witnessing today’s memorable occasion.

He adds that if it were not for those early transactions, we may not even be here today to celebrate this milestone achievement.

“Quite fittingly, Western Province is perhaps one of the regions to first encounter missionaries and traders and also our colonial masters then and it does not surprise us that such land transactions may have ensured which helped shape our current land resources distribution within the province.

We thank you for your decisions then as we look forward to fully benefitting from the Munda International Airport infrastructure development.” Premier Veo said.

In his keynote address, Prime Minister Sogavare also expressed deep gratitude to the Munda landowners and the local community for your unwavering goodwill despite the complexities of land issues.

“On the outset let me acknowledge the landowners again. For your continuous cooperation. 

“In order for the success of any projects in Solomon Islands must have the support of the landowning groups as an important element. This is for the simple reason, that every square inch of land in this country is owned by tribes.

“That is a very important point we must remember in Solomon Islands. Tribes owned the land The so-called alienated land are creation of introduced laws that create another landowner called the government.

“I want to expressed my sincere gratitude to the Munda landowners and the local community for your unwavering goodwill despite the complexities of land issues, we have determined to build access roads, install, air navigation and communication equipment, expand airport facilities and address ownership issues concurrently.

“Today we extend our gratitude to individuals, and community leaders including the dedicated Tundevetubangara for their ongoing collaboration in resolving eastern end land issue. Thank you very much.

“Ladies and gentlemen this enduring partnership between the Munda community and the government has been instrumental in achieving the construction of modern and innovative infrastructure for the people of Western Province and by extension our beloved country.

“These infrastructures have contributed immensely for the achievement of the national development strategy and the provinces’ preparation towards the state government system.” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

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