PM Hou thanks Malaitans for their service to SI

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has acknowledged the dignity and pride of the people of Malaita province whom have dedicated their invaluable service to Solomon Islands.

Speaking at the 35th Second Appointed Day held in Small Malaita on Monday this week, the Prime Minister thanked and congratulated the working population and the people of Malaita for their invaluable contributions to the country.

“Let me on behalf of the National Government, including your colleague Premiers, and our people from other sister provinces, bring warm greetings and a hearty congratulations, to you, your Executive Members, Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly, and the good people of Malaita Province, on the commemoration and celebrations of this very important day of our province. This day marks the 35th anniversary of your Second Appointed Day, and I wish you God’s blessings and all successes in the years ahead,” he said.

Premier Peter Ramohia delivering his speech. Photos from PM press secretariat

Prime Minister Hou said despite the challenges faced as a province, the people of Malaita have continued to offer their tireless contributions to the development of Solomon Islands.

“I would like to acknowledge and congratulate our working population of Malaita, who have work tirelessly with dignity and pride, with commitment and resilience and with noble dedication, in the building of this province and our nation as a whole and make it what is it today,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela delivering his speech at the Malaita Day celebrations in Small Malaita.PM Hou also added that despite difficulties and major challenges in finances, in policy actions, and in our approaches to development; the Malaita provincial workers have remained dedicated to their service in supporting the province.

“Let me thank and acknowledge our provincial workers including administrators, financial managers, planners, nurses, police, teachers, other public officers, community workers, business people and their organizations, church and community leaders, local politicians, NGOs and all stakeholders for their contributions in developing this Province over the last 35 years,” he said.

PM Hou saluting the national flag when the anthem was played by the RSIPF police band.
A female police band member dances for the crowd.
Premier Peter Ramohia honouring the Malaita flag during the Malaita Day celebrations.
























































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