PM encourages Renbel people to manage resources well

By Mike Puia

Renbel premier Collin Singamoana welcoming PM Hou at the ceremonial grounds to mark the province’s 25th second appointed day. Photo from PM Press Secretariat

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has encouraged the people of Rennell and Bellona province to manage their resources well.

“I encourage the good people of Rennell/Bellona Province to take ownership of their resources and to ensure they are well managed,” Prime Minister Houenipwela said.

He made the statement when addressing the province’s 25th second appointed day celebration in Tigoa, Renbel’s provincial centre, over the weekend.

Houenipwela said there are potential investments in the province particularly the establishment of Lake Tegano on the World Heritage Site list.

He said Lake Tegano offers potential for tourism and for the preservation of the eco-system.

“I believe this (Lake Tegano) offers great potentials not only in the Tourism industry, but also in the preservation of the eco-systems which your people here rely on for the livelihoods,” Houenipwela said.

He said there are important activities being carried out in the mining sector that are also benefiting the local and national economy.

Referring to the mining activities on West Rennell, Houenipwela said “suffice to say, the use of natural resources can actually be of great benefit not only to the local economy, but also to the national economy of our country”.

He said locals need to take ownership of their resources and manage them well for our future generations.

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