PM encourages ministerial weekly press statements


CABINET Ministers may soon hold weekly press conferences under their “Meet the Press” calendar.

This is according to Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela who after presenting his speech launched a workshop at the Iron Bottom Sound conference room organised for government communication and press officers.

He revealed that he had instructed the press secretary’s office and the government communication unit late last year to draw up a communications strategy for the government.

The Prime Minister then explained that part of the strategy was the “Meet the Press” initiative he introduced which aims to encourage his cabinet ministers including himself, to hold regular press conferences as means to engage with the public.

He added that the idea behind the initiative is to encourage each ministry to adopt a “Meet the Press” calendar for their respective ministries so that they can consistently through their communications officers inform people of government policies and programmes through weekly press statements.

Prime Minister Hou furthers that he has also encouraged all his cabinet ministers to make good use of this opportunity and to build their relationship with the media and our people.

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