PM briefed on mobile money wallet system

The Prime Minister in a group photo with the CEO of Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (on PM’s right), President of bibimoney’s global partnership Martin Hine (right) and other officials from the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation. Photo from PM Press Secretariat

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela was briefed yesterday on the mobile money wallet service that is soon to be introduced in the country by the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation in partnership with Bibimoney.

This was during a courtesy visit made by officials from the Solomon Post and Bibimoney to the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet yesterday morning.

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (SIPC) Mr Allan Arafoa revealed that the Mobile Money Wallet system called the Ezi Pei system will be used by the corporation to assist the people in the transfer of money around the country through a number of merchant agents in the country.

A highly recommended system by the Universal Postal Union, the Mobile Money Wallet system will assist customers to make transactions using their mobile phones thus lessening the risks of carrying around cash.

He said the Mobile Money Wallet service is hoping to be a benefit especially to customers who live far from a bank, “because instead of spending extra money to travel to main centers to do banking, customers can just do transactions through an Ezi Pei agent nearby”.

In response, the Prime Minister expressed his support for the approach taken by SIPC.

He also encouraged the officials to seek support from governing bodies of several work forces within the country to assist them in getting on board customers to the Ezi Pei service.

A former Governor of the country’s Central Bank, PM Hou stated that in order for this system to be used effectively, customers must be encouraged to get used to make financial transactions without hard cash.

The Prime Minister also expressed his appreciation to the visiting team for taking their time to brief him about the new system.

The visiting team also included Martin Hine, the President of bibimoney’s Global Partnership.


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