More communities in Honiara benefit from REP


THE Rapid Employment Project (REP) under ADB has benefitted many communities in Solomon Islands in terms of pre-employment opportunities.

The project since its inception have worked with communities in Honiara through trainings, pre-employment opportunities and construction which involved women, men and youths.

According to an REP report, as of December last year, the project’s Rapid Employment Scheme (RES) has generated 768,439 paid labour days with 407,903 for women and provided short-term employment to 13,027 people including 6,900 women in Honiara.

The Pre-Employment Training (PET) has trained about 12,000 participants, and provided one on one coaching services to about 1,700 persons, the REP reports.

The project has rehabilitated 116 km of non-rural roads and completed 47 community access sub-projects, with 29 of these infrastructure units receiving maintenance work.

REP infrastructure has generated a range of positive impacts on beneficiaries and the community, more broadly.

According to a recent survey, most beneficiaries account to 74 percent and community members account to 90 percent which reported used the REP infrastructure daily.

REP also said 94 percent of beneficiaries’ access to their work improved while 92 percent agreed the infrastructure improves access to services, and the same percentage reported that access to markets was improved.

Among community members surveyed, 96 percent reported improved access to work while 98 percent reported improved access to markets.

12 percent of community members attributed improved access to the roads, 55 percent Jacobs Ladders 55 percent, and or 33 percent accounts to both percent.

In addition to improving access, Jacobs Ladders had a significant impact on safety, the REP said.

Following the injuries cases prior to construction, REP said 48 percent of communities experienced injuries in the six months prior to construction compared with 6 percent reporting injuries in the six-months post construction.


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