Plastic Wise Gizo champion of wastes

Members of Plastic-wise Gizo showcase Hand bags made from rope which normally wraps around carton of noodles
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PLASTIC WISE Gizo has been identified as a local NGO to pilot rubbish recycling in the country.

The project is funded by the government of Australia through Strongim Bisnis program.

Founder and Chair of Plastic Wise Gizo, Rendy Solomon said his company is buying empty aluminum cans at $2.00 per kilos.

She said the target is to fill 18 tons of aluminum plastics but so far the project only managed to fill 5tons.

Mrs Solomon said the project will roll out to other provinces if the pilot project in Gizo is successful.

She said one of the core objectives of Plastic Wise Gizo is to change the behavior of people and add value to solid wastes.

“Stop arguing for royalties which comes from development like logging. Your royalty is to add value to solid wastes and benefit from your own hard work,” Mrs Solomon said.

She said COVID has posed challenges to the project but Western Province especially Plasticwise Gizo is proud to lead the pilot project.

Mrs Solomon said Plastic Wise Gizo will continue to be a beacon of hope for solid waste management.