Plans underway to transform tourism

Hon. Minister for Culture and Tourism, Bartholomew Parapolo.
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SOLOMON Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) has plans to venture into digital transformation to aid the country’s travel and tourism industry move forward.

Part of this move is the official launching of the two new websites for Tourism Solomons by Minister of Culture and Tourism Batholomew Papapolo which was done last week, initiated by SIVB.

Along with the two new websites, Hon Parapolo said they are working on e-based tactics which will provide an easy online shopping for travelers, tagged with an option to choose Solomon Islands as a next destination.

“We are not stopping here with just these new ideas. Very soon to come are more aggressive and strategic rollouts of many other e-based tactics including a mobile app, e-newsletter, social media influencing and online digital advertising,” he said.

“We are small but actually that only makes us stronger because the arrows we shot can be more accurately targeted online to help our clearly defined markets,” he adds.

“We can now compete online with anyone. We are a nation that has always led by our desire to explore and to break new ground,” Minister Parapolo said.

From the initiatives, Minister Parapolo said they intend to become frontrunners at expanding its already positive word of mouth now matched by their enthusiastic, internal efforts of work of mouse.

He said they stake a greater claim to Solomon’s place in cyberspace to let world know about us, desire to experience and help promote Solomon Islands to new heights.

Meanwhile, the website is sought to breakdown into two wholly different and distinct websites.

The first website known as is the MCA and SIVB’s window to the world.

It has been strategically redesigned and reengineered to specifically blend with all the strengths of its new brand—Solomon Is.

The website is said to be more actively separated its niches.

The MCT and SIVB have more proactively provided access to its creatively attempted can bring out best of the Solomon Is. branding with striking vigor.

The aim is to accomplish through a blended of imagery, words and design that hopefully help visitors experience enough their special offerings to trust and select them as destination for their next adventure.

The second website, is brand new.

It is a corporate website that specifically targets tourism industry stakeholders both in country and abroad.

Its aim is to keep all informed about relevant industry news, serve as a resource for tactical strategies, archive library for image and other copyright and branded collateral.

The website also set as training ground for overseas travel agents and sellers and portal that fosters networking and shared promotional experiences.