Pilot project on climate change data collection in Auki



MALAITA Provincial Government and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology have embarked on a data collection piloting project in Malaita province.

Malaita Provincial Youth Coordinator, Mr Frank Samo said that yesterday they had a briefing on the programme under the project. He adds that training begins today.

“The training tomorrow [today] will focus mainly on how to train participants to familiar with the equipment will use under the project.

“That will include using of tablets and software for collection of data.

“So after the one day training the participants will go out into the field to do the work.”

Mr Samo explained that the project is to collect data on the effects of climate change on all sectors in the province.

He said the areas of data collection will include sectors like agriculture, health, fisheries, forestry, the list goes.

Samo said three areas identified to carry out data collection under the project for Malaita province include Buma North, Aimela and Kwa villages all in the outskirt of Auki.

He pointed out that the purpose of the project is for future references on the data, whenever dealing with specific area under the data record.

“For instance, if there is an agriculture project in Malaita province, the data must take into account on its finding on climate change to guide way for the project.

“That will help the development of the project to consider the risk of climate change,” Samo said.

He said after the training the provincial participants who represent the sectors within the provincial government will become trainers of the project for the province.

Samo said Malaita province is the first to pilot the project with MECDM. And, likely Makira province is next.

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