Pfizer vaccine coming soon

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SOLOMON Islands have been given approval to receive 100 thousand doses of Pfizer vaccine says Dr Yogesh Choudhri Senior Advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Choudhri confirmed this yesterday during the COVID-19 vaccine radio talk back show that the COVAX facility had sent an offer to Solomon Islands that they will be able to supply Pfizer vaccine.

“We also have been given approval to receive 100 thousand doses of Pfizer vaccine however the date for the vaccine shipment is not yet confirmed.

“In principle we have conveyed our approval to get Pfizer vaccine but necessary paper work have to first be submitted to National Medicine and Therapeutic Committee for approval before we start to use the Pfizer vaccines in Solomon Islands,” he said.

Choudhri said at this present time the country is using AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and likelihood of Pfizer vaccine that will be coming in the country.

He adds if there is an offer for Johnson and Johnson coming they will be accepting that because it’s a single dose vaccine and that will reduce the country’s operational cost.

“So, we are opened to that so, let the offer comes we will be talking to our donor and COVAX facility about that,” Choudhri said.

He stated that no vaccines are 100 percent protective. The vaccines have different efficacies. But more important these vaccines have been proven to prevent severe disease Hospitalisation and death and are all proven to be safe.