Petition March today

Civil Society Organisation to march on Prime Minister’s Office, petition for return of Anti-Corruption Bill to Parliament


CIVIL Society Organisation (CSO) will today march on the Prime Minister’s Office to present their petition to bring back the Anti-Corruption Bill to Parliament.

The Bill had been withdrawn by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare late last month, with the promise to return it after it had been improved.

This had caused much public suspicion and criticism, invoking the civil groups of Solomon Islands to converge and petition the government to bring the Bill back.

CSO’s Anti-corruption Committee Chairman Dr Huddie Namo said they are now prepared as the Commissioner of Police has given his approval as well as the City Clerk.

The group had an audience with the Prime Minister on Monday during which he welcomed and expressed appreciation for the petition.

However, today’s march is expected to be received by Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga, since Prime Minister Sogavare has left yesterday for the United Nations general assembly.

“Unfortunately, the march is not open for the public being restricted to 200 people only,” said Dr Namo.

“Those already appointed represents the 50 Constituencies of the country as well as representatives from the Civil Society Organisation.

“Everyone to join in the march is to wear red t-shirts with the anti-corruption logo on them.

“I have already contributed to the petition by signing it as currently, there are more than 2000 public signature signings compiled for the petition.”

Dr Namo elaborates that they are also prepared to set up camp today in front of the Prime Minister’s Office if the Deputy Prime Minister does not receive the petition.

“We will still be camping if the petition presented is not received,” said Dr Namo.

The gathering for the march will start at 6.30am with the petition expected to be presented to the government around 10am.

March will start from the SMI Grounds to the Prime Minister’s Office complex.

“We thank the public for their contribution in signing the petition. In principle and in spirit, everyone is encouraged to wear red t-shirts at their workplace and in the public to show support to the march,” said Dr Namo.

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