People in West told to prepare for lockdown

Western Provincial capital Gizo
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WESTERN Provincial Disaster Operation Committee has called on people to stay alert and prepare for any immediate lockdown.

WPDOC gave out the message following reports of increasing cases in the province, thus the need to contain the virus.

Deputy Provincial Secretary who is acting chairperson of WPDOC Patrick Toiraena said communities and respective families must be ready at all times.

“We are in a different situation compared to our normal lives as experienced in the previous years due to this pandemic and I urge communities and families to prepare in advance to avoid panic in an event where lockdown is announced.

“Save enough funds, water, electricity, and enough food at all times. If you live in the communities, save enough fuel as a precaution should there be a need for an essential run to urban centers like Gizo, Noro, and Munda.

“One might ignore this advice but I must emphasize that the advices are very important to save your family and yourselves,” he said.

Toiraena said responsible authorities are watching the situation very closely and will inform the general public should there be a planned lockdown.

He said there is no lockdown in Western Province, however curfew has been enforced as part of the ongoing effort to minimize the spread of the virus.