People are keen to spread misinformation out of political purpose: Chinese embassy


CHINESE embassy in Honiara is saying that few people are keen to spread misinformation out of political purposes.

This statement was made in response to claims that replica guns imported into the country from China are, in fact, real firearms and not replicas as previously reported.

Responding to the claims that was widely circulated in previous days, Chinese Embassy said since the launch of policing cooperation between China and Solomon Islands, a number of fruitful assistance and training programs are carried out.

They said the cooperation are based on the principles of “professionalism, efficiency and friendliness” and “openness, transparency and goodwill,” China will continue to provide support within its capacity to Solomon Islands, in accordance with the wish and needs of the country to help it to achieve long-term peace and stability.

The policing cooperation has improved law enforcement capabilities of the RSIPF, and played a positive role in promoting stability of the country.

The cooperation is widely welcomed by the people of Solomon Islands, and positively reported many times by the SI media.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Mostyn Mangau reiterated that the replica firearms, consisting of 95 replica rifles and 92 replica pistols, are not designed to fire live ammunition. They are intended for training purposes and have a similar weight to real rifles and pistols. The RSIPF received a donation of 60 plastic rifles and 150 plastic pistol training aids from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

He said that the truth remains, the consignment are imitation firearms from China for Training Purposes. These replicas were not smuggled or concealed and was cleared as per Process.

“Solomon Island is a sovereign country and when it comes to security we must be sensitive about police capabilities. There is nothing to conceal or hide regarding these replica guns. These things do not in any way threaten the security of this country so far, except they are as good as helping RSIPF in building its tactical knowledge and capabilities,” Mangau said.

RSIPF officers have been undergoing training with the replica guns since their arrival, and these replicas will continue to be utilized for training purposes. It is crucial to ensure that facts are verified.

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