PEC holds consultations on MP salary increase


Parliament Entitlements Commission (PAC) has begun its consultation with relevant stakeholders last month to increase the salaries of Members of Parliament.

PEC has met with Solomon Islands Council of Trade Union recently following threat of demonstration after the proposal was leaked in the social media.

The Commission will also meet with Budget Unit in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and expects submission from Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

They plan to meet with the Parliamentary House Committee when all there members are available.

Chairman of PEC, Johnson Siapu told media yesterday the decision taken by the Commission is because the current salary taken out of context in media, is a proposal since 2017 and 2019.

He said it is to do with Cost of Living Adjustment that was given to Public Servants in 2017 and 2019.

“When Public Servants received increase, the Commission must look into Members of Parliament.

“It is still a proposal,” he said.

Furthermore, Siapua said they started consultation in 2017 and planned to implement in 2019 but the Covid 19 disrupted it.

He said under Section 69B of the Constitution, it talks about their role to look into:

(i) the state of the national economy and the financial position of the Government;

(ii) movements in the level of the pay and other entitlements admissible to other persons in employment; and

(iii) changes in the retail price index and other relevant indicator showing the cost of maintaining the standard of living that Parliamentarians might reasonably be expected to enjoy.

The regulation shall come into effect on April 1.

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