Peacebuilding policy achieves milestones since establishment.


THE Solomon Islands National Peacebuilding Policy (SINPP) has achieved some milestone since Cabinet endorsed it in 2015.

Deputy Director of Policy Planning, Philip Sikabuka outlined this during the SINPP review consultation workshop with the mainstream media and Government Communication officers in Honiara yesterday.

Sikabuka said from the 2016 SINPP consultations roll out on mainstreaming the policy with the Provincial Governments, it resulted in the formulation of Provincial policies aligned to the SINPP.

He said also, three creations of positions for Traditional Governance in the Provincial Offices such as the Central Province.

“The creation of Focal Points in Provinces with no MTGPEA provincial office in Lata, Kirakira, Buala and Renbel.

“Since 2016, the Ministry has expanded its coverage to the provinces with the linkages it has established to improve Provincial and National Coordination, “he said.

Furthermore, the main policy and planning frameworks endorsed by Cabinet in 2021 namely;

  1. The National Policy on Conflict Prevention and Victims Rights (Reparation),
  2. The National Policy Reintegration of those involved in the past conflict,
  3. The Solomon Islands Government and Solomon Islands Ecclesiastical Institutions Strategic Partnership Framework (SIEISPF) 2021-2025,
  4. The submission of the TRC Matrix and claims matrix to the Office of the Prime Minister fulfils the Ministry’s responsibility in this post conflict era.
  5. The Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitations Bill (TGCFB) 2018 starting in 2019-2022,
  6. The establishment of the Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs Division (PEAD) in 2021, and
  7. The MTGPEA Corporate Strategic Plan 2020-2023 and the Ministry Annual Reports 2016-2021.

Furthermore, Sikabuka said the Choiseul and Western Province’s TG systems and structures have been formally established and registered under the Charitable Trust Act.

He said these provinces are now working capacity building.

“Management and Leadership trainings have completed.

“The remaining provinces have yet to reach the stage like Western and Choiseul. Western and Choiseul have also published their own custom books that contain all traditional laws and genealogies of their people,” he added.

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