Peace is not just absence of war

Though our country might be relatively peaceful, to some, peace is more than just the absence of war.

Peace is to be able to live each day knowing there will always be food on the table for our family, that our children will be able to go to school without being subjected to abuse and harassment, and that there is enough money to sustain us till the next payday and the list goes on.

Sadly this is not the case for most Solomon islanders.

We live in a society where human rights are mostly ignored and the divide between the rich and poor is huge.

Recently on social media, a foreign investor was condemned for telling the stark truth about our members of parliament.

This is something that those who work in the media, hear all the time. True, freedom of expression comes with responsibility but people are fed up and some just don’t care anymore.

This should however signal a warning to our leaders that something is not right. We need to work hard to ensure there is peace in our homes and that our people are content, foreigner or not.

Often we forget that people are watching and know what is happening much to our dislike.

Honiara is a small city and almost everyone knows everybody’s business.

It is time we pull our socks up and get down to business to make sure we carry out the job we are expected and mandated to do.

Same goes for the people. It is time we put our heads together to vote for leaders who will be able to have the political will to lead our country forward.

If not we will continue to carry our grievances into the next generations.

In saying that, we need to be reminded that something needs to be done now if we want peace in our homes.

And remember, it starts with you and me.

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