Peace minister lauds stakeholders for peace initiative


ON Wednesday, the Minister for National Unity Reconciliation and Peace assured officials of the government’s ongoing commitment towards their nation building and peace efforts.

Hon Ishmael Avui was speaking at the launching occasion of UNDP and UN Women’s Joint Programme Project titled “Consolidating Peace, Stability and Social Cohesion in Solomon Islands Post RAMSI 2018” at the Heritage Park Hotel.

He said that the project will build a consensus and facilitate initiatives to address key peace building issues namely; reparations and reconciliation, land disputes, governance, social cohesion in an inclusive platform considering voices of women, youth and men.

More to that, Mr Avui explained that the project is embedded with two significant outcomes, of which the initial one is centered on having a consensus built with actions and initiatives carried out among state and non-state actors with the inclusion of women and youth groups to address conflict triggers.

He added that examples of conflict triggers range from reparation framework, land disputes, governance deficits, to weak social cohesion in communities and organisations.

The second as expressed by Avui is to help establish institutionalised structures at the provincial level to help address peace building challenges.

The Member of Parliament for East Central Guadalcanal then spoke briefly of the government’s part in the initiative.

He stressed that SIDCCG (Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government) has the vision of ensuring that all Solomon Islanders live and co-exist in a peaceful environment binded by ongoing and firm national unity.

“The government is serious in it’s efforts to continue the journey of nation building and peace by protecting human dignity by providing an environment that stimulates and nurtures economic growth in Solomon Islands,” said Avui.

He then commended all government offices, UNDP and UN Women not only for paving the way forward but for their commitment to implement the policy.

Avui proceeded to express his gratitude to the many stakeholders and development partners who contributed tremendously towards the peacebuilding process in the country.

“I firmly believe that this project will contribute immensely to making Solomon Islands a safer place to live in. I therefore call and ask all Solomon Islanders to take peacebuilding as part of your business every day,” he said.

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