Patrol boat base talks continuing

Patrol boat patrolling in the Shortland Islands.
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The proposed patrol boat outpost in the Shortlands is still being discussed between stakeholders and landowners.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Service Karen Galokale revealed this during the recent Public Accounts Committee hearing.

Ms Galokale said they started the discussion last year with the landowners about the outpost base, which will be a multi-agency facility as it will accommodate all law enforcement agencies.

She said the landowners supported the idea, but there are more talks to be done before any deal can be sealed.

Galokale also said the donor who will be constructing the project is ready and awaiting on the finalisation of discussions with LOs.

She also said while awaiting that project to be constructed currently they are trying to get all the law enforcement agencies to review their existing framework and their standard operating procedures, this is for them to tide up their existing systems as that facility at the border will be a combined multi-agency facility to mann the border.