Kuma commits to ‘credible budget’

Hurry Kuma Minister of Finance and Tresury
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GOVERNMENT says it is committed to implementing a credible fiscal plan budget for 2021.

Finance Minister Harry Kuma highlighted this when delivering his 2021 Budget Speech in Parliament, Tuesday this week.

Minister Kuma said the National Government is also committed in ensuring adequate resources are allocated to legitimate contractual commitments and policy priorities.

He said the 2021 Budget would be the necessary vehicle to stimulate growth again, investment opportunities and better service delivery outcomes for all.

“As usual, all ministries and agencies are required to put together comprehensive procurement plans and documentations as soon as possible, so that implementation of the 2021 budget, especially the development spending is not unnecessarily delayed,” he said.

Minister Kuma said the Ministry of Finance & Treasury will continue to monitor the implementation of the 2021 budget and ensure public resources are used prudently and for the approved purposes.

“It is the responsibility of all accounting and accountable officers, Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Financial Controllers, Human Resource Managers and Directors to uphold the PFM Act 2013 and also Financial Circulars which will be issued to ministries after this Appropriation bill is passed,” he said.

Furthermore, the Finance Minister strongly reminded government ministries not to commit the government into contractual commitments without securing funding. 

He said this is to avoid rolling over arrears into 2022.

Minister Kuma said in order to facilitate the smooth operation and delivery of government services to the people, all ministries are urged to provide revised costed work plans; procurement plans and to ensure spending is in line with those plans.

“As we lay out our plans for our economy, we must ensure these plans are fiscally sustainable, so that we have the resources to deal with future needs and challenges.  We must continue to plan our finances based on long-term structural drivers,” he said.