Patrick Wong fires back at Silas Selo

PATRICK Wong, the man whose ownership claim of Russell Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) has fuelled on-going controversy, has fired back at Russell Islands’ tribal landowner, Silas Selo, saying Mr Selo has no business talking about RIPEL.

“Mr Selo is a confused man. He has inaccurate and misleading information,” Wong said in a statement.

The Sydney-based businessman was responding to claims by Selo that Wong no longer has any business to do with RIPEL because he had sold his interests in 2010.

“Lavukal Trust Board is a matter for the Lavukal people and has nothing whatsoever to do with either the Company or Patrick Wong. LTB has a registered constitution and Patrick Wong is neither a member nor a Trustee of LTB. If Mr Selo is concerned about LTB, he should play an active role and start by consulting his fellow Chiefs.

“As for Mr Patrick Wong dealing in RIPEL matters, like Patrick Wong has nothing to do with LTB, likewise Mr Selo has no business talking about RIPEL,” Wong said.

“It is correct that one of the Shareholders did contract to purchase Mr Wong’s share in late 2014. However, as the Supreme Court of New South Wales has found, in their various Judgements, including the most recent judgement on the 14th March 2018, that Mr Van Vlymen is yet to pay Mr Wong. Until Mr Wong is fully paid, Mr Wong has full entitlement to remain in RIPEL and LSL,” he said.

“How can anyone sell something but have not been paid. It is simple, the item is only sold, only after full payment is received. This is exactly what the Court found.”

On March 17, 2017, the Supreme Court of NSW agreed and it was ordered that Wong may appoint a Receiver Manager over Mr Van Vlymen’s 50 percent share, due to non-payment.

Wong said that if Selo is to be believed, he should stop telling ‘untruth’. Instead he should only tell the whole truth.

“Mr Selo should first do his own research, before publishing such non-factual nonsense, otherwise he would be exposing himself to a potential law suit,” Wong said.

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