PAs to be culled in next Government: Hou


POLITICAL Appointee (PA) numbers will see a massive scrapping should the Heritage Park Hotel camp come in as the next Government.

Hon Rick Hou made the statement in an exclusive interview with Island Sun yesterday when queried over what the group’s intention is to lessen the burden of tax payers on political appointees.

Hou is the group’s candidate for the Prime Minister post.

As a member of the former Official Opposition Group, Hon Rick Hou, Parliamentary wing leader of the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) has always been very particular on the Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (DCCG) appointment of too many PAs.

“This issue has been upfront in my mind,” Hou said.

He then confirmed that he has already given instructions to the transition office appointed to see to the transition phase of the DCCG should they take on as the next Government, to make sure PAs are taken onboard depending entirely on the qualifications and their need by the next Government.

“Who we need to deliver our priorities in the next 10 months is what we want and it is known that once a Government goes, there should also be a clean slate to political appointees as well,” Hou added.

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