Partnership a way forward: Tozaka

Freedom Tozaka, a chief from Vella
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in Gizo

CHIEF Education Officer of Western Province, Freedom Tozaka says partnership is the only way forward towards achieving development goals during COVID-19.

He made the statement during his visit to Buri School, Rannongga Island, Western Province on Thursday.

Tozaka said development aspirations have been exposed to economic stress and that developments are at stake.

“We are at the centre of this pandemic and there is no room for individualism,” Tozaka said.

“We cannot work alone, rather requires greater partnership and collaboration to keep development aspiration going,” he added.

Tozaka said all sectors and stakeholders including national and provincial government must ride on a same boat and reading the same book in order to drive the economy and development of the country.

He said government alone cannot perform miracle to stabilize development aspirations and challenges faced in the country.

“We understand that we in a brink economic disorder as such we must look at other alternatives to help us achieve our goals.

“We have lots of donor partners who can help us with our plan as such, like I said, greater collaboration and partnership is paramount at this post-Covid situation, Tozaka said.