Participants head to Buala


KODILI Festival 2018 participants from Honiara begin their journey to Buala today.

The festival, which showcases Isabel province’s rich culture, is set to start on Monday, June 25.

Kodili festival was established in 2016, and takes place in Buala town from June 25-29.

Isabel’s Kodili Festival promotes cultural legacy, heritage, traditional knowledge and modern conservation.

The five-day festival being organised by the Isabel provincial government has a full programme of activities.

There will be traditional dances, songs, dramas, games, arts, speeches, pageant shows, and outdoor adventure activities.

According to Buala Provincial Headquarters Cultural Officer, Eddie Kanijama Kopala, it is expected that there will be more than 800 participants including specialised cultural groups and practitioners, as well as youths from the 16 Wards around the province.

“Kodili Festival 2018 will showcase cultural heritage and legacy, and conservation of natural resources in bold and innovative ways.

“The festival provides the opportunity to raise awareness and educate communities and resource owners about the significance of conservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the province. The aim of the festival also is to promote tourism in the province,” informed the Cultural Officer.

Isabel’s culture and tradition is captured through the participation of bamboo pan pipers, Kodili players and other selected unique performance by groups and artists.

There will be 46 participants each from Wards respectively; Kia, Havulei, Kokota, Hovikoilo, Buala, Tirotongna, Koviloko, Kmaga, Kaloka, Tatamba, Sigana, Japuana, Kolotubi, Kolomola, Susubona and Katova that will partake in the festival.

The festival supports the transmission of knowledge and culture to younger generation.

World Environment Day (WED) will also be celebrated with series of events and organised activities, showcasing the intermarriage of traditional knowledge with modern conservation.

The public audience and participants will be actively engaged in the two events that were integrated into the festival, fostering peace, unity and friendship.

From the shipping schedule received by Island Sun for the Kodili Festival 2018, Buala, IDC shipping’s MV Ortega will depart Honiara today (Thursday) 6pm mainly picking up Ward Youth participants from Kaevanga to drop off at Buala tomorrow morning.

MV Ortega from Buala will then be travelling straight to Baolo for pick up and is expected to drop off at Buala on Saturday morning.

Anolpha Shipping’s MV Maetalau is understood to depart Honiara on Saturday 6pm for Buala.

The trip will be mainly also for whoever amongst the ministries, companies, stakeholders and others wishing to travel to Buala for the grand festival.

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