Kodili festival set for June 25

PREPARATIONS for Isabel’s popular ‘Kodili’ Festival in Buala township of Isabel province is 90 percent complete according to the Chairman of the Organising Committee Eddie Kanijama.

The Festival which starts on June 25 is expected to feature the unique arts and culture of Isabel province.

Mr Kanijama said the festival opening programme’s guest of honour will be the Minister of Provincial Government & Institutional Strengthening, Nestor Ghiro.

He said all three Parliament members of Isabel province plus all the Isabel provincial members are expected to attend including the Premier of Malaita province Peter Ramohia who has already confirmed his attendance.

“The Festival village features two large thatch houses to accommodate all sixteen wards in Isabel which are expected to showcase their Arts and craft.

“Another section which also features small thatch houses for individual people and companies who will also be there to showcase their products,” Kanijama said.

“SolPower personnel are now on the ground to connect electricity to the festival village before the festival opens whilst water supply to the venue has already been installed and running,” he said.

Kanijama added the festival is expecting a good number of youths from each ward to perform and display their arts and culture during the weeklong festival.

The ‘Kodili’ festival organised for this year is the second after the first one was launched in September 2016.

Playing of Kodili; custom dancing, singing, traditional sports and entertainment, showcasing the unique Isabel arts and crafts and scores of other local and modern activities will be on show day and night according to Kanijama.

It is expected that the festival will attract a lot of people from outside and within Isabel to attend the weeklong programme.

Premier of Isabel province, James Habu said during the inaugural lunching of Kodili in 2016, the festival was a provincial platform for tourism, encouraging business development and partnership with government and the private sector.


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