Paripao celebrates Guadalcanal 2nd Appointed Day


Guadalcanal Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Paripao Ward, Hon
Andrew Rayboy

PARIPAO Ward at Northeast Guadalcanal celebrated their province’s 34th Second Appointed Day on Thursday.

Paripao’s Ward Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Hon Andrew Rayboy took the opportunity to remind everyone gathering that the celebration was also a time for looking back too in how far they have come in terms of development.

He also shared a piece of their Ward’s leadership history remembering all past MPAs for Paripao Ward being now into his present period of taking up the role.

“We should remember all our MPA’s efforts towards such developments as schools, water supplies and clinic assistances taking place in our Ward.

“This is the eighth Assembly now celebrating the 34th Second Appointed Day of Guadalcanal and I am proud that Paripao has taken top ranking of developments such as on top buildings. This is a reflection of good leadership,” said Hon Rayboy.

Hon Rayboy advises Paripao Ward citizens that in whatever plan they may have, just go for it.

“Development is in our hands,” said Hon Rayboy.

Guadalcanal Province Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator (PPDC) Mr Don Ricky also explained during the celebration at Paripao that since the establishment of the Guadalcanal Provincial Government (GPG), it has encountered slowly addressing many critical issues that have hindered its socioeconomic growth.

“Some of these issues include the lack of adequate social services delivery in health and education, deteriorating state of our public infrastructure and roads and ailing economy,” said Ricky.

“Because of this, GPG ensure better planning, more rigorous and transparent management of infrastructure development projects, and develop a much firmer and clearer plan for Guadalcanal’s future. This is also by creating a more transparent, accountable and effective implementation of policies and delivery of services which is vital to regaining public trust and confidence.”

Locals of Paripao Ward during the celebration commended their Ward MPA for their gathering in respect to their provincial government.

They also shared their pride and concerns towards developments for their Ward in which despite such, they say they are hoping that developments will continue to roll positively.

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