Parents welcome CIP education move on Siota


CONCERNED parents and guardians of Siota Provincial Secondary School’s (PSS) welcome the move by Central Islands Education Authority to address the situation.

This follows the recent revelation that the school had been on a three year running streak of poor performance of its form six.

They say it is a timely move for CIP’s Education Authority to step in and solve the situation as it has been ongoing for around three years now, the Premier school of the province producing poor national examination results for both Form’s Five and Six.

The province Provincial Education Officer (PEO) Charles Kasuni when speaking to Island Sun last week said the concern of parents is also their worry as they have seen the poor performance of the school.

“We are now trying options such as posting new teachers to the school for this year,” said Kasuni.

“The main school posts for the Principal, Deputy, Carriers Master and the Form Six Arts Coordinator have been changed.

“Our reason for such change is because of complains from teachers teaching examination classes saying that they do not receive any good support from the school’s administration.”

It is understood that Siota PSS’s Principal has been removed and reposted being replaced due to weak academic support.

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