Our Telekom’s network lifeline for many in rural areas: Koraua


Our Telekom’s extensive network now present in all nine provinces has been instrumental in making financial services accessible to all Solomon Islanders, says Our Telekom Board Chairman Bauro Laxton Koraua.

Speaking at the commemoration of M-Selen one year anniversary, Chairman Koraua said since the establishment of M-Selen a year ago, the mobile banking services has enabled Solomon Islanders especially those in remote areas to participate in the formal economy.

Koraua said M-Selen has processed transactions worth over SBD$100 million and customers have collectively saved approximately SBD$21 million by avoiding going to bank branches or agents.

He said these savings represent not just financial relief but also time and effort that our people can now invest in more productive activities.

He adds that this impact is far-reaching, enabling better livelihoods and economic stability.

“This network is a lifeline for many in rural areas, offering them a gateway to participate in the formal economy.

“The impact of M-Selen goes beyond numbers. It is about driving economic growth, creating opportunities, and improving livelihoods.

“By supporting small and medium enterprises, fostering youth entrepreneurship, and enabling financial independence, M-SELEN is contributing to the broader economic development of our country.

“Small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, now have access to financial tools that help them grow and thrive.

“Young entrepreneurs are finding new ways to innovate and create value within their communities.” Chairman Koraua said.

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