Opposition ‘concern’ about reported import of guns

Opposition leader, Matthew Wale
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THE Opposition says it is concern with reportedly claims of guns brought into the country by a logging ship last week.

And leader Mathew Wale says he has written to Commissioner of Police to clarify the issue.

Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, Peter Kenilorea Junior has also written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade to explain the issue in relation to foreign policy and international conventions on guns.

Kenilorea said the Government should be very concern.

“We are a bit confused, there seems to be no clear concerns here,” the East Are’Are MP says.

“Authority that should know but say they hear reports,” he added.

Kenilorea said for the sake of transparency, the police should come out clear to quell the claims given the history of Solomon Islands.

He said if there is something deeper, there are a lot of questions need to be asked and answered.

“If these things come through police, police should issue license.

“If come through diplomatic channels, then it needs to be cleared by Foreign Affairs,” he added.

Kenilorea said there are international conventions that need to be followed in relation to the shipment.

Comptroller of Customs Jim Sutton earlier dismissed the claim.

Sutton said Customs have cleared a consignment of training aids to Royal Solomon Islands Police Force including replica firearms.

Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau told reporters on Tuesday that they have only established an inquiry into a gun article published in the papers last week.

He said there is no formal report received by police, but as a matter of security, they are investigating it.

“To confirm, there is no formal report, so we encourage people with information to come forward for us to investigate.”