Omission and objection dates set


THE date for the Omission and Objection of the provisional voters list has been set for November 7 to 28.

Electoral commission (SIEC) officers during a talkback show at SIBC urged all electorates to inspect the provisional voters list and ensure that their details are correct.

SIEC’s Head of Media and Publication Awareness Unit, Ms Philothea Paul said officers will be out in the fields to issue the omission forms as well as receive them.

Paul explained that the Omission and Objection date will focus generally on the voter registration process and election appropriate.

“It is really giving the road to interact with elections stakeholders and seek understanding on what SIEC does and what electorate think and what the law says about the conduct of election,” she explained.

“Once you have already registered but check your name not on the voter’s provisional list, then it is an advice from the electoral commissions that you should collect the omission form from the officers to reclaim or let the commission aware that you have been registered, so that they can insert your name on the list.

“To access the form, you need to get it from the registration officer inside the field in your constituency officer.”

She reiterates that electorates have the onus to make sure that the names which appear on their provisional list are citizens of Solomon Islands and are of 18 years of age and above. She reminds all that they can object any registrant who is not 18 years old.

“Check that everyone on the list is from your area and not from different province of different constituency where he/she did not have any connection with your constituency,” she said.

“Once you like to make any Objections or apply to make claims of Omission, then you must ready or prepare your evident or proves for your claims towards omitting the person. So that when they questions you on the ground, you can able to prove whatever complaints you raised and put forward can be considered and shall consider the changes you want. Hence, if you like to remove somebody and you cannot prove with evidence, then the officers can’t omit them.”

Another important thing of note is that since the provisional voters list will be pinned up only in the exact locations, voters in Honiara who have registered back to the province will have to go back to their provinces to check for their names.

“However, if you can’t go back then call up any family or relatives to check up for the list.”

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