Call to stop disturbances at Taro Market

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MR Munro Dalisaru a youth leader and on behalf of market vendors at Taro Market makes a strong call for the Taro Station public to stop disturbances for market vendors.

Mr Dalisaru says it has now become an unusual practise for drunkards with no respect to humanity always causing disturbances for the Taro Market vendors which also includes abusing of women at night and even causing unnecessary fights with the male vendors.

“I question the reasons for such bad activities and bad actions towards market vendors who usually provide a good service for the public at Taro Station. They give back revenue for the Province while at the same time struggle to make money in order to meet their basic needs seeing they should be well protected, “expressed Mr Dalisaru.

In light of his complain, Mr Dalisaru calls on the Choiseul Provincial Government and Taro Police to provide security inside Taro Market in order to arrest those causing disturbances and fights.

Just from recent report, a male market vendor was also flown over to Honiara for medical treatment after being bashed in Taro Market too for no good reason.

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