‘Old laws must be reviewed’



Participants attending the Reparation Bill Scoping Awareness Workshop at Buma village in Malaita province.

FORMER Member of Parliament for East Are Are, Mr Dickson Warakohia has expressed the need to review old laws of the country.

Warakohia made the appeal when contributing during the scoping awareness workshop in preparation towards the Reparation Bill underway in Malaita province.

Warakohia said many laws are outdated and need to be updated.

He said application of old laws tend to conflict with how people live, do things and think today.

“Those old laws showed the hard-work of our old men, and they made them suitable for the situation of the country during those times.

“Now it’s another generation and law must be designed according to the currently standard of living.

“Some of our old laws had been adopted from the British colonial laws during the independence, and definitely they need overhauling,” Warakohia said.

He said if the old laws still exist, they will continue to pull back the newly drafted laws because of the fact that every law relates to each other.

“So no greater change will expect from the laws of the country if old laws not overhaul or updated,” Warakohia said.

He also pointed out that another important area law makers and government should consider is to make laws in advance for the future.

Meanwhile, Warakohia applauded the MNURP for the great initiative to carry-on this bill as it look at healing long standing issues people faced with injustice in the country.

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