Malaita supports reparation policy



Participants attending the Reparation Bill scoping awareness workshop that will ends today.

THE first day of the scoping awareness workshop towards the Reparation Bill has seen great support from the participants.

The two-day workshop is being held at Buma village in West Kwara’ae, Malaita province.

The participants shared sentiments on experiences during the past ethnic crisis and the need to address issues associating it.

As a province directly involved in the disagreement, participants shared views and opinions that truly come from their heart for the implementation of the reparation bill.

One participant said pursuing this Bill is no mistake, as it’s time to heal every outstanding injustice issue in the country.

The person said despite how old some issues may be, wounds have not yet healed, and this mechanism is the only way that healing can be achieved.

Yesterday a brief introduction was made on the execution of the bill and explanation of the legal policy framework set for the bill.

Today, they expect an in-depth explanation of the policy framework, as participants expect to go deep into the comprehensive policy.

Almost 100 participants attended the workshop represented various organisations or groups within the regions of Malaita province.

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