Case of police officer killed in Dragons Pub adjourned June 21


The case of an off-duty police officer who was killed at the Dragons Pub in the Kukum area in May this year has been adjourned for June 21 to allow investigations to complete.

Two men have been charged with murder, Paul Daopuri, 35, and James Solomon Kai, 21. Police say there could be more arrests as investigations continue.

Daopuri and Solomon Kai are being held in remand.

Last week Friday prosecution told court it had served defence with the perusal disclosures regarding Mr Daopuri’s matter.

Prosecution said Mr Solomon Kai’s file is still with police investigators, and will serve them to defence as soon as they receive it from investigators.

Since the case is still being investigated, prosecution sought court for an adjournment.

Allegations before the court say the deceased and his colleague, along with the colleague’s wife, went to the Dragons Pub on the night of May 16 for drinks.

Somewhere between 12am and 1am an argument broke out between the deceased and a group of men, following an assault on his colleague’s wife in which a bottle was allegedly smashed against her head rendering her unconscious.

It is alleged that in the course of this argument the deceased took out and applied pepper spray on the group of men he was arguing with.

The deceased was later dragged outside the Pub by an off-duty security, the accused Daopuri, where the deceased was attacked by a group of more than 10 men.

Allegations said Daopuri joined in this attack, using a snooker cue stick with which he used to thrash the deceased’s head multiple times.

Meanwhile, the second accused, Solomon Kai, allegedly attacked the deceased using a bottle.

A policeman who later arrived on the scene intervened and took the deceased, who was reportedly bleeding heavily, to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Office of Public Prosecution acts for the Crown and PSO Daniel Kwalai act for Paul Daopuri and James Solomon Kai is represent by Hubert Fugui of HOF Law Chambers.

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