MPG eyes great initiatives for Auki and Malaita province


The Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) has unveiled ambitious plans for the long-term development of Auki, the provincial capital, and the wider Malaita province.

Premier Elijah Asilaua announced the launch of the Auki master plan initiatives, emphasizing the government’s commitment to working closely with development partners to bring these plans to fruition.

Speaking on the recent passing of a resolution regarding the greater Auki city and regional economic development master plan, Asilaua highlighted the importance of creating a cleaner, greener Auki.

He outlined the MPG’s intentions to engage in discussions with other government bodies and development partners to ensure the successful design and implementation of these initiatives.

PS Eric George Ongoa detailed one aspect of the master plan, which involves the construction of a seawall stretching from the Kwaibala River to Auki wharf.

This infrastructure project aims to enhance trade opportunities and provide a safer environment for maritime activities.

Both Asilaua and Ongoa emphasized the potential benefits of these developments, including increased investment and job creation for Malaitans and Solomon Islanders.

They called for cooperation among community members and development partners to realize the vision outlined in the Auki master plan.

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