OBMs for Ngella appreciated


DESPITE negative debate on handing over of Outboard Motors (OBM’s) for constituents, Ngella citizens and recipients appreciate receiving Constituency items for support.

Locals say OBM’s they receive will help them through transportation for health services, church programs and other purposes for transportation.

It has been highly debated in Ngella Constituency that handing over of OBM’s and such from the Constituency’s Office are just cover-ups for campaigning.

“A passenger ship should be purchased for the Constituency rather than giving OBM’s being similar to giving death,” suggested locals.

However, such debate has been refuted as Ngella Constituency’s Development Officer (CDO) Mr David Teva said that they are maintaining their delivery service for the Constituency.

The Ministry of Rural Development during a recent handing-over of twelve OBM’s thanked Ngella Constituency for supporting the constituents with boats as one of their ongoing program in the transportation sector.

“Access to service is important in our islands as these boats are here to improve the livelihoods of people in areas of income and so forth,” said the Ministry.

“It is important recipients receive and care for these materials as they are purchased by public funds.”

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