Housing a critical issue for MUPG


PREMIER of Makira Ulawa Province has raised concern to the national government on the issue of housing currently faced in the provincial town of Kirakira.

Hon Stanley Siapu told this paper that shortage of houses and old condition of houses in Kirakira is a considerable issue to address.

He said currently government staffs working in Kirakira live in rest houses, some in local houses in nearby villages.

“Staffs in Kirakira faced it tough with the issue and as a result they choose to live despite whatever just for the sake of performing the national duty.”

He said in relation to that as experienced highly qualified people choose not to go there because of the issue of housing.

“There are certain areas related to housing we face in Kirakira. And obvious one is shortage of houses for staffs.

“The other is the status of the houses. Because most of the houses were built during the old administrative government some four to five decades ago.

“So the condition of the houses is very poor and old enough that is not suits inhabitant.

“To make it more worst, the 2016 earthquake damaged houses in the town and until than no repair made to the houses,” he said.

Siapu said this is how severe they faced with housing in Kirakira and it remains a considerable matter for the province.

He said that during the recent premier’s conference in Auki he raised the issue and suggested that increase of PCDF is an alternative his government is looking at to address the matter.

Siapu said if the government increases the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF), they will either renovate or build new houses with the 20 percent for administration under the PCDF.

He said currently the 20 percent received under the fund for administration is quite not enough and they won’t do the work with it.

Siapu called on the national government not to leave the work only for the province, but they should work together to address it.

He said the province has lots of land and one area they eyed for housing project is Haro land where government just recently purchased.

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