Nurses saga

Dr Jimmie Rodgers
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SINA can be reinstated, suspension of 9 nurses lifted: Dr Rodgers


THE suspended Solomon Islands Nursing Association (SINA) can be reinstated and suspension of nine nurses can be lifted, said Dr Jimmie Rodgers.

Rodgers, Secretary to Prime Minister and member of the Oversight Committee, confirmed this during a radio talkback show on Sunday.

“Yes, SINA can be reinstated and suspension of nurses can be lifted but conditions of lifting on the statement on the regulation side can be clarified by the Arthony General John Muria Junior,” he said.

Rodgers said the first part is on SINA as a union and the second part is on the actual number of nurses that have been suspended pending investigation.

“And for these two there is a process through which reinstatement or lifting on those things can be happened but at this pointing time the investigation will be launched and once it was completed than the decision on lifting the suspension on SINA as trade union or deciosn on suspension on nurses as individuals can be addressed,” he said.

Attorney General John Muria Junior said, “suspension of any public officer is governed by public service regulations and if a person or any public servant complies lawfully to the regulations until the said period according to the regulations then the decision can be made of when to lift the suspensions.”

Muria Jnr said SINA as an association and nurses as public servants have two different legal mechanisms that can be looked at and so several rules apply to them.

He said these number of rules are manned by different people.

“It is difficult to tell a set time of when will the investigation be completed but it depends entirely on those people who looked after and charged with duty under the law to carry out the investigations SINA and the nine nurses.

“It could take a month, or six months but I can’t tell the right timing because different people will carry out their investigations and different people looked after the processes,” he said.