NRH oxygen and food shortage settled

The National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara
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The National Referral Hospital (NRH) oxygen and food item shortage issue is now settled.

This was confirmed by Dr. Janella Solomon, medical superintendent for NRH.

She said the issue here is mainly on an outstanding payment.

“The process to settling it has gone through now and they have provided oxygen for the NHR as of Friday 1st 2022.

“Yes the issue has been settled, however, if there are any more outstanding payments we will be facing the same problem but the issue we have the previous week has been settled,” Solomon said.

Minister for Health and Medical Service Dr. Culwick Togamana also confirmed that the Hospital has been facing a shortage of food items and oxygen bottles but efforts are now put together to address it.

 “Yes I can confirm that the National Referral Hospital has been facing a shortage of food items and oxygen bottles since last week,” he said.

Togamana said the issue is with outstanding payments to the suppliers of oxygen bottles and food rations delay with these outstanding payments are due to multiple factors both within and outside of the reach of the Ministry.

“Nevertheless we are working with the Ministry of Finance to expedite this payment at the earliest. Our officials have also been in touch with the suppliers for the assurance with their understanding payments and for resumption for their services to the hospital,” he said.