MARA gov’t supports national projects in the province

Former Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani
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THE Suidani led MARA government is behind the progress of national projects for Malaita province.

Recently, Premier Daniel Suidani made the statement saying they his government is steadfast to make sure proposed national projects for the province “won’t be put to sleep”.

He said his government had already endorsed a number of projects, some of which have already started.

Suidani said, “these are very important projects for the local economy as they will support the livelihood of our people when up and running.”

He said one is the development of a transshipment hub at Suava bay in North Malaita.

“My executive has approved a detailed submission from the Harivava Landowning group from Suava bay for the development of a transshipment hub for Malaita province.

“Further consultation work is ongoing with the landowners on finding the way forward for this undertaking. Thus, the offer by the Harivava landowning group is welcoming to note at this stage,” Suidani said.

He said the other one is the development of Baunani International Airport for Malaita province.

Suidani said that in early 2021, his government has endorsed the greater Malaita Development Plan: 2021-2050.

He said that from the initial scope of the plan, it covers developments from Gwaunaruu right through to the Southern region that will also cover regional hubs.

Suidani said that as a way to begin rolling out the plan, one of the major projects his government has approved is Baunani International Airport in West Kwaio.

“Currently, a team of advisors is now working with the government possibly funders and stakeholders on this important project,” he said.

Suidani said that in terms of the kava industry, his government has been supporting the development of the product through the youth division under MPG for the province.

He also said a local kava buyer in Auki, Dr. Wale is actively working with farmers in the province buying kava products after his government has approved his license application in 2022.

Suidani said an initial report from the business is encouraging as they’re receiving feedback from the business.

He said there are many other projects his government had approved and working in partnership with responsible stakeholders for Malaita province.