No tours this year for GG

Governor General Sir David Vunagi
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GOVERNOR General, Sir David Vunagi will not undertake any provincial and international tours this year.

This was after the Ministry of Finance and Treasury not allocating any budget in the $4 billion budget currently before the Parliament for debate.

According to Public Accounts Committee report tabled in Parliament yesterday, the Office of Governor General did not submit any bid to the Budget Unit this year.

This is due to the redirection policy of the Government that there will be no bid submissions accepted from ministries for pay roll and other charges expenditures.

Only Baseline Budget was given.

“This will affect the Governor-General in performing some of his roles and functions such as community visit to the provinces as a symbol of national unity and leadership.

“Further it also affects his role to undertake international state visits, and also to undertake medical treatment overseas,” OGG said.